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Oenoterra focuses on excellence. All wines have been selected in order to be bottled only as high quality wines, all with designation of controlled origin.

Dealu Mare Barricat
Cabernet Sauvignon D.O.C-C.M.D

Great character wine aged in oak barrels.

Dealu Mare Brutus
Feteasca Neagra D.O.C-C.M.D

Any comment is too poor to properly describe a distinctive and full of class wine. Matured in oak barrels, Brutus is surprising for its delicacy. It has an aristocratic structure and very fine silky tannins.

Dealu Mare Gold Collection

Dealu Mare Varful cu Dor
Varful cu Dor
Feteasca Alba D.O.C-C.M.D

Fresh and fruity with a floral discrete fragrance, Feteasca Alba "Varful cu Dor " gets maximum flavor with the perfect balance between acidity and natural sugar accumulated.

Dealu Mare Legendele Toamnei
Legends of Autumn
Feteasca Neagra D.O.C-C.M.D

Black Feteasca "Legends of Autumn has a captivating delicacy combined with a rich full body.This wine is representative for the area's potential and can be a famous Romanian ambassador in the world.

Dealu Mare Solaris
Merlot D.O.C-C.M.D

A surprising maturity, elegant and refined tones, the fragrance of berries, fine tannins.

Dealu Mare Mauro
Cabernet Sauvignon D.O.C-C.M.D

Precise and important, full-bodied with a long persistence.

Range "Comoara Pivnitei"

Dealu Mare Feteasca Regala
Feteasca Regala - semidry

   Produced from grapes picked at full maturity, with a floral flavour, with a body well balanced as far as acidity is concerned, sprightly flavour.
   It has a specific freshness and fructuosity, the slightly-ether bouquet makes it attractive and pleasant and consacrates Feteasca regala "treasure cellar" as the best wine for special occasions and parties. Semidry. It is recommended to be served with fish, seafood and white meat.

Dealu Mare Feteasca Neagra
Feteasca Neagra - medium dry

   Produced from grapes picked at full maturity. This wine expresses its variety potential by a delicate, aristocratic flavour, an excellent color intensity and an excellent taste and tenderness.
   Flavour and taste of dried plums which define this semi-dry wine with a strong personality. For true connoisseurs. Served at the temperature of the room with red meat, pasta or cheese.

Dealu Mare Burgund
Burgund - semisweet

   A wine with complex cherry , plum and ripe strawberries flavours, ideal for pasta, lamb, sheatfish or hunting. A semi-sweet wine that is very suitable both for men and for their girlfriends, lovers and wives as it is well known that they prefer sweet and semisweet wines at the expense of dry ones.


Dealu Mare Enigma Frizzante
Enigma Frizzante white / rose
D.O.C Dealu Mare

   Embodied freshness.
Fruity and elegant at the same time,it is perfect as an appetizer.
   The only Frizzante with designation of controlled origin, it combines the qualities of a specific wine of “Dealu Mare with the effervescence of the product.
Served at a temperature of 8 - 10°.


Dealu Mare Cashmere
Cashmere (limited edition)     Exclusive !
Tamaioasa Romaneasca

Sparkling wine obtained after the primary ferment of the grapes’ must. This method has been perfected over time in the region Asti-Italy.
   The unmatched delicacy of the grapes selected, the bright transparency, the fine and persistent sparkling are an invitation that can not be refused.

Dealu Mare Cashmere
Cashmere rose - La vie en rose  (editie limitata)     Unicat !
Busuioaca de Bohotin

The sweetness and flavor of Busuioaca Bohotin grapes combined with the freshness of this sparkling wine.
Limited Edition - 9296 bottles.

Dealu Mare Cashmere
Cashmere Dark  

 Dry sparkling wine made from selected vineyard "Dealu Mare".
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